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The #1 Bed Bug Exterminator in Green Valley | 5-Star Local Reviews

Get the award-winning and professional Bed Bug Exterminator in Green Valley. Keeping your family, property, and assets safe!

When it comes to finding the best Bed Bug Exterminator in Green Valley, Perez Pest Solutions provides everything you need to keep your home and bedroom free of bed bugs and more!

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We solve your bed bug problems the first time!

Bed Bug Exterminator in Green Valley, AZ

Perez Pest Control has been the premier Bed Bug Exterminator in Green Valley and its surrounding areas with 15 years of professional bed bug extermination for residential and commercial businesses.

As a locally owned and operated business. it is our #1 priority to serve our clients, their homes and families as an award-winning Bed Bug Exterminator in Green Valley with affordable pricing and free inspections.

You can sleep easy and rest better because we are here to keep bed bugs away from your bedroom, while protecting your loved ones and your investment!

5-Star Rated
Fully Licensed
Locally Owned
24 Hour Service
Reliable & Trustworthy
Children and Pet Friendly

Reasons to Choose Us as Your Bed Bug Exterminator in Green Valley



Perez is a licensed and certified Pest Control company. Our professional service technicians are up to date and ready to defend your house and control your pests! 

Reliable & Trustworthy

Reliable & Trustworthy

Perez Pest Solutions is a pest control company you can trust for certain. Our valued customers are important to us and we want to remove those unruly pests from their lives. You can trust Perez to be in your home and go above and beyond!

24 Hour Service

24 Hour Service

Perez Pest Solutions is available when you need us most! We understand your pests may not sleep, and neither will we – until the job is done!

Special Pest Control Discount
Family & Pet Safe Pest Control

Hear from our Customers

We’re dedicated to serving Green Valley residents with award-winning services, affordable pricing, and free inspections. Check out why we are rated 5 Stars on Facebook and Google!
5 Star Rated

Ignacio came out for an inspection and again shortly after for our first treatment. He recommended so many ways we could help prevent pests that I would have never thought of. So knowledgeable and friendly and very thorough treatment. I highly recommend his services!

Lauren O.

5 Star Rated

Ignacio is someone to trust in order to get the job done. He not only has excellent customer service but his main concern is to make sure your pest control needs are met! You won’t be disappointed. He is the only one I will go to! Thank you Ignacio for giving such great quality in service! It’s rare to find and much appreciated.

Amanda N.

5 Star Rated

I would highly recommend Perez pest solutions. I felt so cared for by Ignacio because he took out so much time to figure out what the issue really was. He was kind and caring and Professional! Thank you so much I can’t tell you how relieved I feel. Tess

Tess M.

5 Star Rated

Ignacio is very professional and knowledgeable. I can tell he takes a lot of pride in his work. His prices are very affordable. I purchased a year contract. Since then, I have not had a live insect in my house and I live rurally where there is a lot of scorpions and spiders. I recommend him to everyone.

Amanda A.

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